Principals Post – 1/8/2019

01 August, 2019

The School Council met recently and discussed the idea of an indigenous language project at the school. All agreed it would be worthwhile to investigate this idea further.

Professor Peter Austin, is a linguist from London, who produced the original Yinggarda dictionary during the 80s and 90s. As Yinggarda is a language from this region, school staff member Leisha Norling, contacted Professor Austin. As a result Peter has given us a rare opportunity to run community workshops and visit the school.

He is seeking community input to assist with the revision of the original Dictionary.

A workshop will be held for any community members who would like to contribute to the project between Saturday August 17th and Monday August 19th The Shire of Upper Gascoyne have kindly allowed use of the pavilion to run the workshops.

Keep a look out for updates about this unique opportunity.